"It is hard in some ways. You’re like a little crab; you carry everything around with you. Travelling as much as I do makes you appreciate where you’re at. It makes home wonderful. And work is always new and exciting and different, because you’re never in one place too long."

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Tree against a Yellow Background - Odilon Redon


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One of the best gifts I received this Christmas was this Rifle Paper Co. recipe box from my sister, containing recipes from both my mother and grandmother.

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haha uh . i’m sweating like a pig.  :–/

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Character Arc in Old Age


Anonymous asked writing-questions-answered:

How does character development work with characters who have lived long lives and have already gone through many experiences? What are some ways to further develop them when they’re over 100 years old?

I think that…

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1940s Dresses.

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Pastel Colourblock Cardigan - 29.99$

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church of Boulogne

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